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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we explain the most common questions we receive about our platform and product.

Terre3 is a startup that connects users with public geospatial data. It is highly useful for sectors such as tourism, BIM, and Smart City.
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative working methodology for the creation and management of a construction project. Its goal is to centralize all project information into a digital information model created by all project agents.
A smart city is the digital version of a city where all city data can be inputted to link different areas of the system.

“Terre3 is open to all users who wish to be part of it. Anyone can create an account and use the platform.”

In terre3, we can design and create many other things on a map. It can help with projects related to management, design, 3D simulation, and we can also work with more dimensions such as time.

As a citizen, it allows you to explore all the territory, city, rural area or landscape that may be of interest, as well as use all the tools that the system offers.

Yes, there is a PRO option. These are the users with Early Access membership. These users have the possibility to create their own projects and store them on our servers, as well as having technical support.

On our Youtube channel, you can watch short guides on how to use our platform. Additionally, at Geoinnova, you can find various courses for professional training.

You can request your Early Access account on and we will send your credentials to access the platform at

Terre3 operates through the web browser and, therefore, does not require any installation.

Companies that specialize in tourism, engineering, drone handling and construction.

Yes, we are actually looking for sponsors for the niches on our platform. The company’s name, logo, the desired URL to link, and a short information they want to add will appear in these niches.

Engineering, digitalization of environments, photorealism, earthmoving, mines.

Terre3 implements open source software solutions such as WebGL and WebAssembly, incorporating projects such as Three.js, Ammo.js, and openlayers, as well as proprietary developments.

Terre3 offers web geolocation on mobile devices through wireless networks with GPS accuracy.

“For certain areas, we can act internationally but in many cases we will need data at the national level in Spain.”

“Yes, it offers customer support and service in addition to updates on the delivery of all its projects.”

Terre3 engages with suppliers and professionals in the industry to ensure the anonymity and safety of its users.

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