Explore the world in 3D with Terre3!

Taking geospatial interactivity to a whole new level.

Live a unique experience and discover geospatial data like you’ve never seen before. With Terre3, you can explore and get to know the world in a more interactive and exciting way. A custom 3D map with all the information you desire.


Terre3 displays geospatial data easily and efficiently through a 3D web system.


Provides new tools and experiences for users to interact with geospatial data.


Terre3 accelerates and enhances sectors like tourism, construction, and Smart City.

Augmented Reality

With Terre3, you can create routes and explore places using Augmented Reality, the best way to reach your favorite destinations.

Our Services


A 3D map with all the information you want to display to map users.


Add games to your maps to give them a different touch and increase their usability.


Disaster maps with all the information within reach of all citizens.


Our portal connects GIS and BIM. It brings significant value to all your projects.

Discover the geospatial revolution with Terre3.

Who are our services directed to?

Whether it's for tourism, construction, resource management, or just exploring, Terre3 has something to offer you.

Small business owners with an interest in technology and digital capability.

Construction companies with geolocated projects.

Companies that want to display or manage specific resources on a map.

Users interested in viewing maps in stereoscopic depth.

Discover Terre3: Geospatial Innovation.

A 3D web system to connect geospatial data and transform the way we interact with them.

Welcome to Terre3! We are an I&D project focused on creating a unique and innovative experience in the 3D world. With our 3D web system, we connect and make geospatial public data accessible, improving and streamlining activity in sectors such as tourism, construction with information modeling (BIM), and smart cities (Smart City). Do you want to know more about how we are transforming the 3D world? Explore Terre3 today!

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